Tissue – An overview of tissues, its type and functions Part -1

What is Tissues?

Group of cells having a common origin and similar function are termed as Tissues. A plant Tissues: On the basis of the dividing capacity.

Plant Tissues are of two types:

  1. Meristematic Tissues
  2. Permanent Tissues

1. Meristematic Tissues:

Meristematic Tissue
Meristematic Tissue

Consist of actively-dividing cells. Meristematic Tissues are of three types:

  1. Apical meristem
  2. Intercalary meristem:
  3. Lateral meristem

Apical meristem:

Present at the growing tips of stems and roots. Important function: To increase the length of stems and roots.

Intercalary meristem:

Present at the base of leaves or internodes. Important function: For the longitudinal growth of plants.

Lateral meristem

Present on the lateral sides of the stems and roots. Important function: To increase the thickness of stems and roots.

Permanent Tissues:

Formed from meristematic Tissues, the cells in the tissue loose the ability to divider Permanent Tissues are divided into two categories:

Tissue – An overview of Tissues, its type and functions Part -2

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